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Diary from ministry in Thailand:

Last night we headed to meet our new friend who gladly received the Good News of Jesus with joy the other day.  He was ready to be baptized.  He told us that he had a joy in his heart and we could see that he was genuinely happy as he showed us the certificates that he had earned from studying the Bible.  As we made our way to the pool, we noticed that it was being used to swim lessons.  We would not be able to use it today.  But there was something else going on and Ben began to pry a little more.

Our friend wanted us to meet his girlfriend.  They had been living together.  Nothing uncommon, but the information had not come out in past conversation.  Ben counseled with our friend to find out how much he really loved this woman.  He relayed that he didn’t even know if he trusted her and the relationship was fairly new.  She had happened to be nearby watching everything that was happening with some other friends.  They were sitting under a “Sala” drinking beer and eating quail eggs.  We decide to go and talk with them.

Ben engaged an older man who offered him one of the eggs and some beer.  Ben gladly ate the egg and decided on a glass of water instead.  The man willingly engaged Ben in conversation about his friend who was about to be baptized.  He told us that he really believed, but his girlfriend did not.  She did not want him to go with us.  Ben began explaining the good things of God to this half drunk man, but he was really speaking to the girlfriend who was within earshot.  Our new friend was getting his first lesson on the defense of his new found faith and he listened intently as Ben shared.

Ben and the drunk man laughed and joked together, but they also got serious.  In the end, the man relented and said that was believed everything Ben told him.  His sister is a Christian in Chiang Mai.  As the conversation wore on, Ben felt that it that the Holy Spirit was holding off the baptism for now.  We knew that God has been working on this man without the aid of anyone and that he sent us to help him, but there was a further work that needed to be done before he took the next step.  He knew that he had a major decision to make first.  We decided to give him the time and space to make it.  He took Ben’s number and told us that he would call.

His girlfriend kept saying in Thai over and over again, “He can’t go with you.  He can’t go with you.”  Ben spoke peace to her and told her that she didn’t have to be afraid.  He wished her good things in her life and peace.  We left for our night meeting strongly praying for our friend to do what God wants him to do.  Would you pray the same? We headed out to a local beauty shop to meet with a handful of Thai woman who have gladly received the Gospel and been baptized this year.  After some songs in Thai, Ben taught out of Luke 7 about the woman who washed the feet of Jesus with her tears and hair.

The teaching was about the nature of worship.  One of the Thai ladies read the passage from her Bible and the others repeated what she read.  Ben expounded on the story and began to tell them how God loved thieves and people others may consider bad.  They were shocked.  He contrasted the religious leaders in the story with the beauty and faith of the “sinful woman.”  I later shared with them from I Cor 6:9-11 and told them that Jesus did not come to make us good, but he came to make us “new creations”

We can see our old selves in the list of I Cor 6:9,10, but we are no longer those things.  We are “In Christ” and all things are new.  We have been given the ministry of reconciliation.  We read from 2 Cor 5:17 and on.  The ladies all rejoiced!  They loved it!  It was church, pure and simple, and it was beautiful.

Please remember the beautiful Thai people and pray that many more will come to know the beauty of serving the King of Kings.  Labor in your prayers for our friend Busong that he will grasp the treasures that are in Christ Jesus and be willing to forsake anything that hinders him for the sake of the Kingdom.

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