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We set out yesterday to visit a few people.  One of them was a man who had believed in Jesus but had been confused by the teaching of the “men on the bikes.”  It had been many months since Ben had connected with this man, so we decided that today would be a good day to pay a visit.  As we made our way downtown, the Ya Mo festival was still drawing tour buses from around Thailand.  It was hard to find a place to park.  We stopped at one place but had to move.  As we were moving we noticed two young guys in white shirts heading down the street, one American and one Thai.  We finally found a place to park and as we made our way to visit Ben’s friend, guess who was sitting there right next to him?  You guessed it…the young men in the white shirts and ties.  Coincidence?  I think not.  We introduced ourselves and made small talk, but they were clearly uncomfortable.  Ben’s friend seemed uncomfortable too, so to help him “save face” we decided to come back and visit another time.  These are the types of road blocks that seem common to every encounter here so far.We left and paid a visit to our friend, the Thai security guard.  At first we thought he may have been sleeping on duty, but as we moved closer, we realized that he was reading.  He was very happy to see us again and showed us that he was reading the Book of John.  We began to teach him about how truth requires action.  We showed him many scriptures that he readily believed, but then he began to feel that God may not love Him.  We encouraged him in the love of God and essentially told him that God loves us too much to let us stay the same and continue to do things that will hurt us.  We gave him the analogy of a Father that wants to protect his son and warns him not to travel down a certain road.  Down this road is a tiger waiting for prey.  The Father wants to protect the son, not just keep him from something pleasurable.  Just as we were making headway, a man who had been walking down the road came over and began starting a conversation about religion.  Ben obliged him for awhile, but it was a distraction and thankfully the man eventually carried on his way.  Later a drunk man came by and began distracting our friend.  It was uncanny.  John and I led the man away and engaged him in limited conversation so that Ben could speak without hinderance.  I bound every wicked spirit, in English, from hindering us and we had no problems after that.  In fact, even though the drunk spoke no English, he turned and looked at me as if he understood and he stopped acting up.  I pulled out a Thai tract and pointed to the words about the Judgment seat of God.  He began to read it and showed reverence to Jesus by (wai’ing).  I looked up and Ben was ready to go.  He had a major breakthrough with our friend and he has asked for Ben to keep coming to teach him and help him.  Please continue to pray for this man.  He is a lover of truth and a “Berean” who searches the scriptures to see if the things we are saying are right.  We need more Thai men like this.Ben had also wanted to visit a lady named “Bee” who had attended a meeting awhile back and was given a prophetic word about how God cares for us and loves us like a woman cares for and loves her unborn child.  Ben did not know she was actually pregnant at that time and the other ladies marvelled at the goodness of God in reaching out to her that way.  Today she was not at work because of pregnancy pains.  Please keep her in your prayers.

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