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Here all over the city of Khorat and the cities of Thailand, there are stores that sell idols, temples, golden Buddhas, statues of Lady Mo, spirit houses, and more.  John and I stopped by one when we were making one of our motorcycle excursions around the city.  As we walked inside, the place was filled with incense and a spiritual heaviness.  I felt like the Apostle Paul when he surveyed the city of Athens and his spirit was provoked within him when he saw the city fully given over to idolatry. (See Acts 17:16-18). If you ever want an eye opening study, look up the word “idol” or “idols” in the Bible.  God has some strong words against these things to say the least.  Many people we’ve run into have proclaimed that every religion is good and teaches people to be good.  This is false.  To be zealous and sincere in the worship and reverence of an idol is to zealously deface the glory  of God.  God is a jealous God and he will have no other “gods” before him.  He is the Creator who is Holy and set apart and they are the created, fallen, and false.We spent our Sunday morning worshiping the Lord Jesus and proclaiming his beauty over this city.  When I think of all of the ugly idols I’ve seen, it makes me even more jealous for people to see the beauty and majesty of King Jesus.  He is the precious one and nothing compares with him.  

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