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Ben, Jacqueline, and I left the kids with Sandy after breakfast and headed out for a broader tour of the city of Khorat.  We ended up at one of the poorest villages of the city.

While we were there talking with some of the men of town, we were able to meet a very practical need, preach the Gospel, and pray for the sick.  The village is right next to the railroad tracks and is home to people living in the most abject poverty, yet there are two Christian women working there trying to help the community and teach the people.

These women, who Ben knows well, were not there when we visited.  We pulled in next to what seem to be a small brick making factory.  A older man came out to meet us and began to show us around the area.  Ben and I asked questions about how the factory supports the families and whether or not they have any buying customers.

The man said that they had not had many.  Ben asked if maybe we could help him advertise or something like that so they could get going again.  The man then told us that because they had no water left, they were unable to make more bricks and even the ones they had were breaking apart because of the heat.

Ben realized that for about $15 we could get them enough water to get things going again and keep them going for a month!

We told them that we would do it!  Ben shared the Gospel passionately with a few of the men and prayed for one who said that he was having problems with keeping strength.

Many of the people in this village are sick and dying of diseases such as Aids and Tuberculosis.

There are large packs of mangy dogs running around and people are digging through the garbage trying to salvage something of value.  As we were sharing the Gospel, a man walks down the road talking to himself.
The heat is oppressive.  90 plus in the shade!
We were thankful to be able to meet such a practical need without any forethought or planning and share the Gospel with those who were willing to hear it.
We later took a break at the mall of Khorat’s food court and had a lunch of a KFC chicken sandwich and alot of water!  The sign outside the mall read in English “City of Pleasures.”
What a stark contrast from where we had just come from!  This is Thailand.  From the lowliest slums to the most modern of malls, people in every place need Jesus!

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