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In the Southern part of America, in many places we can joke that we have a church on every corner.


Well, what if you lived in a place where there was a Buddhist temple or “wat” on every corner?

I’m not talking about a little storefront temple, I’m talking about huge, elaborate, sprawling places where where worship takes place, where monks live and study, where people come to “make merit”, wai the idols, and children come to ride their bikes.

What if it were ingrained into your society from birth to death and yet you were a follower of Jesus?

You know God’s command to have no other gods before him and to not make a graven image nor bow down yourself to it, yet your friends and family break those two commandments daily in their efforts to reach the divine.

You know that John 14:6 and Acts 4:12 is the truth, yet most everyone around you has never even held a Bible in their life, much less read it and understood it.

What if the average size of your churches were about 20 people?

And the number of congregations in your city was about 5 or less?  Can you imagine what life would be like?

What if your meetings had no worship leader or band?  Could you still worship God daily in Spirit and in truth?

What if you had little access to finances and the tools for church planting and growth that we have in the West?

What if you did have them and they didn’t quite translate into your society?

Could you believe God to build his church through the power and moving of the Holy Spirit alone?

What if you were ostracized from society in general because of your faith?

Would your convictions still stand strong and unmoveable?

This is the type of place that makes me ask these questions of myself.

They are questions we all need to ask ourselves.

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