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Many people say that faith is something that is deeply personal.  I would agree to a point, but if your faith is real, you will want to share it.  One person said rightly, “Most people don’t share their faith because they don’t have a faith worth sharing.” Notice I said “share” not “shove.”

To me, sharing the “Good News” is a normal part of conversation because everyone talks about what interests them or whats important to them.  Some people love sports and if you are in a conversation with them, they will eventually swing it to sports.  Some people love music, so they are always talking about it.  Some people love shopping and fashion.  Some love their pets.  You see what I’m saying? 

People naturally talk about the things they love or the things that are important to them.  You don’t have to coerce them, you don’t have to bribe them; their excitement spills over into life.  Are we excited about God and the freedom he bring us through Jesus Christ?  If so, it will flow from us to everyone around us.

That being said, there is a zeal for sharing the Gospel that enters the heart of one called to be a missionary that goes beyond this.  They have been set apart for this purpose.   This zeal is available to everyone who desires to serve God willingly, but for the missionary, it is a requirement for carrying out the work of God in the nations. 

You can give away stuff to the poor, build buildings, minister to people’s health needs, etc, but it profits nothing eternally until the Word of God is spoken and people are called to respond.  It would be like fixing someone’s house up when eventually you know it will all be torn down.  We may do the above mentioned things to show God’s love in a “practical way”, but the Word of God will still eventually need to be spoken and responded to before salvation can come. We should do the former and never neglect the latter.

Missionaries are compelled to preach the Gospel.  They know that it’s the power of God to save people.  They are compelled because they have been convinced.  The reason that many are not compelled is because they are not yet been fully convinced.  They are what some have called “practical atheists”.   

Missionaries aren’t the only ones called to carry a zeal to share the Gospel, but they remind us that our faith is called to advance, even to the “uttermost places of the Earth.” 

With thousands of unreached peoples totalling billions of people on the face of the Earth, that apostolic zeal is needed more now than ever.

Do you feel like your faith is worth sharing?  Do you think the Gospel is the hope of the world?  If someone had a problem they were facing, would you find yourself going to God’s Word first or to some other solution? I would love to hear your thoughts…

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