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What does it take to be a cross cultural ambassador of Jesus Christ (ie, a missionary)?  Are there some common traits that a person must have who is compelled to cross land and sea for the sake of the Gospel?  Over the next few posts, I will expand on a few that Thomas Hale has mentioned in his book “On Being A Missionary.”  I will relate how God has been working in me in each of these areas throughout my preparation.

Here are the top 9 in no specific order:

1.  Insight

2.  Adaptability

3.  Perserverance

4.  Zeal for Sharing the Gospel

5.  Ability to Get Along With Others

6.  Emotional Stability

7.  Humility

8.  Spiritual Maturity

9.  A Spirit Filled Life

10. A Sense of Humor (my addition)

Is there any other trait that you feel might be important?  Which one stands out the most to you?  Why?

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