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Missionaries can be some of the strongest personalities out there.  It’s the nature of their calling.  They may be a little strong willed, intense, and opinionated.  But these are the very things that helped them overcome many obstacles and get to the place where they are now.  Thankfully, these traits can be balanced out God’s grace and some good relational skills.

A good friend of mine frequently says, “Life is relationships, the rest is details.”  And also, “Relationships are the only thing we can take to Heaven with us.”  So, If those statements are both true, we can ALL stand to learn how to better get along with people!  For the missionary, good relational skills are must for effective and long lasting work.

Here are a few things that have helped me:

1.  Be willing to hear other people’s opinions and understand them even if you don’t agree. 

2.  Consider others better than yourself and honor them when you have opportunity.

3.  Be an active listener and don’t interrupt people while they are speaking.

4.  When working in a team, avoid either extreme of being “needy” and “needing no one.”

5.  Don’t get so easily offended and hold grudges.  Forgive and release quickly.

I have in no way “arrived” on these things, but they are some of the things that I’m working on in my own life. 

Whether you are a missionary or not, what are some thing that you have learned that have helped you grow in your ability to get along better with people? 

Have you ever met someone whose personality just grinded against yours?  Were you able to eventually learn to get along with them?  How did you do it?

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