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I thought I’d take a little break from the “Traits” series to share some of this article I found by Steve Shadrach of the USCWM.  He quotes Ralph Winter saying,

Here is a tragic fact: Only about one out of a hundred ‘missionary decisions’ results in actual career mission service. Why? Mainly because parents, friends, even pastors rarely encourage anyone to follow through on that kind of a decision. But what if that number could double to two out of a hundred? The effect would be explosive!” then goes on to say,

Each year, no less than 200,000 sincere, dedicated people contact one of the hundreds of excellent mission agencies in this country asking for information about possible service with that ministry. But the heartbreaking news is that less than 1,000 of those will ever make it to the field. Why? There is no one to nurture and guide and equip them to complete the process. In other words, the workers are plentiful, but the mobilizers are few!

*Read the Rest of This Eye Opening Article Here.

May God raise up more mobilizers and encouragers in our generation with the resources to put more motivated laborers into the harvest!

Here are a few other quotes that come to mind when I think of this issue:

*The mark of a great church is not its seating capacity but it’s sending capacity. ” Mark Stachura

*With a grate many of us, it’s not a missionary call we are looking for, but a shove.” Robert Speer

What about you?  Do you have a vision to go or send? If your vision is to go, what practical steps have you taken to make the dream a reality?  If you in a position to mobilize and send, what challenges have you faced in getting those called to their place in the world? 

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