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In Luke 18:28, Peter tells Jesus, “We have left everything to follow you.” 


Many a missionary can make this same statement.  They too have left homes, relatives, and friends for the sake of advancing the kingdom of God in the Earth.

In Verses 29-30, Jesus goes on to tell Peter that no one can ever out give God.  Any sacrifice made for “the sake of the kingdom” receives back blessings, many more times greater, than what was given.

This is the secret of all who serve Jesus in the fields of the world.  They are willing to give up anything that hinders their service.  They know that there is really no sacrifice that can be given to God that, cannot and will not, be richly rewarded by Him; both “in this age” and “in the age to come.”

Nothing you love dearly can ever hold you back from radically serving God if you know the reward of being willing to leave it all behind.

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