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I will be signing off and only posting about once a week.  The reason?  Thanks to my sister in law who attends the Refuge Church in Concord, my wife and I will be joining her on their 21 Day “Selah” fast.  Selah is a musical term from the Psalms that means “a deliberate pause.”  We will be observing a modified Daniel fast of no breads, no sweets, and no meats, and limiting our entertainment during this time.  The hardest thing about it may be giving up the coffee in the morning! 

I think the first of the year is the best time to do a fast like this.  It gives us the opportunity to focus on the Lord instead of entertaining ourselves or feeding our every whim….especially if you were like me and did alot of this in December!

It also humbles us and makes us more aware of how distracted we can get in life by things that are only temporary.  When we take time out of our lives to seek the Lord in earnestness, he will definately honor it.  All in all, I am excited to take the challenge.

So, in celebration of this new season and all of the good that will come from it, I leave you with a little photo essay my wife sent me called “What the World Eats.”

PS: Please keep us in prayer for our upcoming trip to Thailand.  We are currently in the process of raising our support.

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