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As my wife and I were chatting about this new year, I mentioned to her that I felt 2007 was a year of completion for us and 2008 is our year of breakthrough. 

The Number eight in the Bible clearly represents the new beginning or a new cycle.  Here are a few examples:

-Circumcision was done on the 8th day and represented a covenant with the Lord.

-The number 8 is made up of 7+1. Seven symbolizes that something is complete. The number one means a beginning.

-When God destroyed all flesh upon the earth, He saved 8 souls to again repopulate the world.

-When the people were healed of their leprosy, the eighth day was the beginning of their new life, because on that day they were presented before the Lord. 

-Jesus was resurrected on the eighth day.  Since Thomas wasn’t there the first time, Jesus came a second time on the eight day. Those two visitations to His apostles symbolizes Christ’s witness to them of His resurrection.

Feel free to believe whatever you want about this year for yourself, but as for me and my house, it’s the year of breakthrough and new beginning. 

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