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The Apostle Paul was a great debater.  Some of even said that he was one of the sharpest minds that ever lived, but he knew that all of the knowledge and information in the world would not change someone’s faith level until they “got it.”  How did he expect people to “get it”?  He prayed specifically to the Father that those who believed would have the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God.  Eph 1:17-19

Knowledge is good, but it’s not enough.  To know God better, we need to not only know his Word (mentally), but also get an unveiling of it as it relates to us personally (revelation) and an openess for it to change our lives practically (wisdom.).

There is so much hope, so many spiritual riches, and so much power available to us who believe.  When we understand these things, we will be willing to do anything the Lord asks of us, including joining Him in His work of redemption.

When the eyes of our understanding are enlightened, we see the finish line and the prize that God has laid up for all those who are counted faithful.  If you have trouble seeing it, but know there must be more, why don’t you try praying this prayer over yourself daily?  If you know someone who is a believer, but is struggling in their faith, pray this prayer over them.

AW Tozer once said to Leonard Ravenhill, “Len, you know, we’ll hardly get our feet out of time into eternity that we’ll bow our heads in shame and humiliation. We’ll gaze on eternity and say, ‘Look at all the riches there were in Jesus Christ, and I’ve come to the Judgment Seat almost a pauper.'”

Friends, let us not be the ones who say these words.

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