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If you are having trouble with your spiritual life, it may be because you don’t see God as a rewarder.  You may be like the servant, in a parable that Jesus told, who hid his talent saying, “Lord, I knew you to be a hard man.”  Do you see God as a “hard master” or do you see him as a generous rewarder? 

You perception will make all the difference in whether you receive rewards from Him or not.  If you see him as “hard” then you will be less likely to “diligently seek” him.  If you know Him as good and as a “rewarder” then nothing should should keep you from “coming to Him.”

These “rewards” that God gives accumulate into what I call, a “blessed life.”  It’s a life that is built upon God’s will and God’s ways.  It may not always look so great to others who are looking from the outside in, but there is no better place a human being can be.

Have you come to know God as a rewarder or do you find that you have avoided coming to him because of a wrong perception?

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