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I wanted to continue on the thread I’ve been on about hearing from God, revelation, and mystery, but I felt like I need to take a short break and interject this post.

I spoke with a good friend of mine the other day who is a missionary and we were talking about prayer.

I was telling him how God has brought a few people into my life who are Christians but are struggling heavily with things that are drawing them away from Christ.  Some of these are men who I spent alot of time with in the past and poured into.  Others, God brought into my life through other unique ways.

In any case, my heart aches for them…

My friend then pointed out a verse to me that spoke about our responsibility as believers for people like this in our lives.  Galatians 4:9 states, “My little children, of whom I travail in birth AGAIN until Christ be formed in you…

My missionary friend told me that we need to move from casual prayer to intense prayer.  He reminded me that it’s not just “prayer” that does good, but fervent, intense prayer from someone in right standing with God.  See James 5:16.

When done the right way, under the power of the Holy Spirit, this type of prayer takes on the look and feel of a woman travailing in child birth.  This type of prayer takes time, it takes focus and intensity, it takes labor.  I have heard it once said that, “Prayer IS the Work.”

As I think about ministry, I realize that it’s really the unseen things that make the kingdom of God move on the Earth.  Yes practical things need to be done, steps taken, and goals accomplished.  But the real work takes place in people’s lives behind the scenes.

Pray to your Father who is in secret…and He will reward you openly.(Matt 6:6)  What better things could He reward us with than the lives of our brothers and sisters?  So, be encouraged.

Labor in prayer for them, until Christ be formed in them AGAIN.

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