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Alot has happened in my life over the past year.  I thought I’d take a moment to recap and reflect on 2007 for the Lamberts….

-I will soon hit my one year mark in blogging thanks to the help of Brian Bailey.  This is one of the reasons I can remember most of what happened this year.  Otherwise, I would have to consult my wife!

-I made Rookie of the Year Club and President’s Club for Hendrick Automotive.  Felt good to make the top of an already winning Hendrick team.  (Jimmie J, Jeff Gordon, Kyle B, and now Dale JR!)  This honor was a token of God’s faithfulness to me in the world of straight commission sales over the last 4 years or so.   The ups and downs, the long hours, dealing with the public…These experiences in sales have been good missions training!

-Pastor Troy and I took an exploratory trip to Guatemala to set things up for our missions trip.  It was great getting to hang out with him like that.  In April I led our 28 member team from FHC to work with Hope for Guatemala during the week before Easter.  God did some great things.  One of our team members, Erin, will be getting married to our missionary, Jose, in less than two months!  See here to read about the trip.

-My wife’s youngest brother passed away unexpectantly at 27.  We are still feeling the affects of this tragedy.  Before we received the bad news, a friend visited me at work and told me how he couldn’t sleep at night because God was speaking to him about us.  He left me with a large gift and said use it for “whatever you need.”  Dumbfounded, we held the check on the refrigerator until a few days later when we got the news and had to make an emergency trip to New Jersey.  I am so thankful for this friend and for God who cares enough for us to make sure we had what we needed to leave everything and go.

-We celebrated our church’s 5 year anniversary (see pics).  We have been with Freedom House for almost four years and God is doing some great things.  We now have 27 acres of land and the finances we need to break ground for our building.  Lives are being impacted weekly and the future is bright!

-I made my move out of sales into the mortgage business 6 months ago.  Yes, I took a new job in lending during the worse time to be in the business in years!  God has been faithful as always.  When he speaks, it doesn’t matter what the circumstances look like!  I have pretty much maintained my former level of pay, but best of all, I have enjoyed my first weekends off in many years!  My boys like seeing my face before bed time now too!

All in all, this year has been good to us, but it has also been tough.  Throw all of these events in with the energy and life of a teething infant and a inquisitive four year old, a few visits from friends and relatives, and I’m sure you can imagine the pace of life for us this year.

Thanks to our friends who invited us to the beach this year for some R&R.  Also thanks to our friends who invited us to the lake for some great boat rides.  At 4 years old, Brayden took his first jump off a 10 foot pier straight into the water! He lives by his name which means “Brave, Overcomer.”

We are looking forward to 2008 and everything God has in store for us.  We are kicking the year off with an exploratory trip to Thailand.  It should be a great year!

What was the highlight of your year?  What are you looking forward to in 2008?

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