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The Bible tells us that even though Moses was raised in luxury and could have all of the finest things in life, he chose to renounce those things because their were strings attached to them (see here).  He would have had to compromise his mission and purpose from God in order to stay where he was in life.  Missionaries face similar issues when deciding on whether or not to follow God’s calling to a uncomfortable place in this world.

His decision to leave these things behind caused “suffering”, but Moses choose suffering over luxury and ease.  He CHOOSE to suffer affliction.  Why?  No one in their right mind would choose affliction over ease if both we equally available to them.

Simply put, he believed in and respected God as the rewarder.  He looked to the reward that obedience to God brings, and he choose temporary suffering and discomfort in order to gain the comfort that would never pass away.  That’s true faith.  That’s what pleases God.  Not suffering for the sake of suffering, but believing Him to the point of being willing to look foolish to the world; a world that does not understand that God is the rewarder of those who “diligently” seek Him.

I love the quote from Jim Elliot who paid the ultimate price as a missionary to the Auca Indians when he said, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep in order to gain what he cannot lose.”

Have you had times in your life where you have had to choose something difficult in order to follow God?  Has the power of reward helped you to endure?

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