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Now that we know that God is a rewarder, how do we do “diligently seek” Him in order to see those promised rewards in our lives?

1.      Secret Service; Prayer, Fasting, and Giving: God promises to REWARD you openly….See Here.  What do you NEED?  Go after God for it in secret. 


2.       Meditating, “chewing on” what He is teaching you: Your PROFITTING will be evident to all.  See Here.  Also here and here.  Is God in your thoughts throughout the day?


3.      Volunteering your time and talents to building God’s kingdom. See here and here.  God always rewards those who volunteer willingly.

4.       Representation: Do what you do in daily life as unto the Lord. See here and here.  How you accomplish your job and the day to day tasks of life is important to Him. 

These are just a few things that you can do to “diligently seek” God and receive the rewards that he has for you in this life and in the life to come.  What would you add?  What scriptures come to your mind?  Stay tuned…more to come on this.

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