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I woke up this morning with a passage of scripture from Acts 9 in my mind.  It brought faith to my heart.  In the story, God speaks to a disciple named Ananias.  We don’t know alot about him, but I am guessing that he spent alot of time in prayer and waiting on God because God gave him a vision and an assignment to go along with it.  As soon as God called his name, he said, “Yes, Lord.” 

Read Acts 9:10-16. God was specific with his direction.  That encourages me!  He showed him the person who owned the house, what street it was on, the person’s name he was being sent to, where he was from, what that man was doing, and what he, Ananias, was to do once he got there!

Now I know God can speak in many different ways, but it encourages me to know that God, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever, can get a hold of a normal disciple, speak to him in this way, and give him specific direction for the mission that God has for him to accomplish.  Ananias even held a conversation with God in order to get more clarity and God worked with him in order to build his faith to go.  God did this by giving him even more specific information about what He was going to do in Saul’s life. 

Note: Anything we hear from God must be aligned with His revealed Word, the Bible, or else it should be tossed out.  God will never contradict Himself or reveal something that would “add to” His Word.

There are people who speak visions from their own mind and there are those who get a sure word from God.  Unfortunately, there may be more of the latter rather than the former.  But for my own walk with God, I want to be open and ready to hear from Him in this way.  I want to believe for and receive the specific direction He may have for me.  Especially, if it’s playing such a big part in His salvation plan like faithful Ananias did.

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