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I just finished a great book by Pastor and author Craig Groeschel of  It’s called “Going All the Way: Preparing for a marriage that goes the distance.”  In this book, Craig lays out eternal principles in a way that engages a new generation just hitting their teens and twenties.  However the things he speaks about are relevant to all generations, to both the unmarried and the married.  He reminds those of us who are married what it really takes to continue to, not only stay married in this crazy world, but how to do it in a way that honors God’s design for marriage. 

Looking back, even though both my wife and I came from broken homes and crazy past relationships, we determined while we were single to work on “being… the right person” and not just “looking… for the right one.”  Now that we are together, we have come to understand more fully that most of our success or failure in life and ministry will be determined by the health of our marriage.  Knowing this, we are even more thankful when we are reminded of the things we need to make our marriage, not just survive, but thrive.

Whether you are single or married, if you are looking to buck the trend of our culture by “Going All the Way” in marriage, then you need to get this book and put it’s content to action.  Despite your past, it’s never too late to get started building the right way. 

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