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Rewind post from 2007.  I wonder how the area has recovered since this time.

Bangladesh is one of the poorest and most overcrowded countries in the world.  You may remember me writing on the harsh life of Bangladeshi ship breakers in my “The Reality of Series.” 

A recent category 5 cyclone has devestated the area killing over 1100 people and displacing over a half a million more.  With very little stable infrastructure and weak building materials, I expect that the country will be feeling the effects of this devastation for a long time.  Please remember the people of Bangladesh in your prayers.

You can learn more about Bangladesh and how to pray by visiting Operation World’s site HERE.

World Vision is already on the ground providing life saving food and supplies.  If you would like to learn more and find out how you may be able to help.  Go here.

Read latest on the crisis here.

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