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This past weekend at the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, Ga, Craig Groeschel prayed a simple prayer that impacted alot of people. “Lord, disturb us.” Wow! What a simple, yet powerful prayer.

When God disturbs us, we may come to the place and ask the question, “Is this all there is? There must be more!” One group of people who are asking the Lord to disturb them are the World Racers. They have taken a year out of their lives to travel the world and let God work in them and through them as they meet the practical and spiritual needs of the people they come in contact with.

I found this quote on Seth’s site from World Racer Brady Denger that gives insight into what the World Race is really about.

“The World Race is about saving me. Saving me from a life of complacency. Saving me from comfort. Saving me from a life where I fulfilled my dreams but not necessarily God’s dreams for me. And while the World Race is focusing on saving me, I’m learning that it’s not about me at all. I’m learning that the world is not about me. Even my own life isn’t about me. I’m learning to dream God’s dreams.”

That’s good stuff. As believers, it’s the type of mentality that we all need! When I was overseas in the military traveling throughout Southeast Asia and the Middle East, God opened my eyes to the world, his plan, and and who I am in Him. I touched a dozen nations within two years. It changed me. Not everyone will have the same opportunities that I did, but something like the World Race is definitely within reach for most twentysomethings.

We need an army of “disturbed” young people in the West who have been saved from a life of comfort and who have learned that life it not about us. It’s about losing our lives in order to find them. It’s about dreaming God’s dreams. I’m glad that there are things out there like the World Race that are helping us learn these lessons in a practical and real way.


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