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Back to the motivation theme again. One thing that kept coming to my mind was Jason Upton’s song “Dying Star.”  This song has to do with the rise and fall of a “star” in the church.  You should listen to it.


This is what Jason writes in regards to this generation:

All through the Bible God used people who didn’t have a clue, who didn’t have all the answers and who didn’t really know anything. They had no strategy – or their only strategy appeared to be to look to heaven and say, ‘my eyes are on You, great victorious warrior, You are my shinning star’. In the end, it’s our own choice whether to live out our own strategies thereby living so that others see only ‘our’ abilities; but then we’ll end up just like the enemy – just another “dying star”.

God is building an army of sons and daughters whose single-minded passion is for His purposes alone. Stars rise and fall but sons don’t. God has raised up a generation of sons and daughters, not a generation of superstars. But as long as we continue trying to be someone or something we will never be anything of worth to God. Jesus was worth everything to God. Jesus was the ultimate warrior, the ultimate pastor, the ultimate intercessor, the ultimate worshipper, and the ultimate teacher; and not because Jesus was the ultimate superstar, but because Jesus was the ultimate son.

When I look at the last couple of years, I see a growing list of “dying stars.”

I was going to name a long list, but I couldn’t bring myself to it. It’s heart wrenching. I know that most of us would like these stories to pass silently into the night, but we need to revisit them and learn the lessons that they are trying to teach us.

These men and women all had visions to “win the world”, but in the process they somehow lost what mattered most.

May God gave us the grace to always remain faithful sons and daughters before anything else, including missions work and the ministry.

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