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I am so thankful today that God is patient. Aren’t you? If God would not have been patient with me, I would have been gone a long time ago. I never want to take His patience and mercy for granted. Yet, we know that there are people who will take it for granted and actually spit in the face of it. The Bible calls them “mockers.”

As we have been looking into 2 Peter 3, we see that in the last days mockers would start showing up on the scene. Who are mockers? Mockers are people who ridicule, deride, and scorn, in this case, the coming of Jesus and the things of God. They mock by saying things like, “So, where is this Jesus you speak of? Everything goes on as it always has. This Bible stuff is a fairy tale for children.”

The scripture tells us that would speak this way because they were following their own evil desires. It’s not necessarily that they really don’t believe, but that they have a way of living that they are not willing to break from in order to live the way God is calling them to live. As time marches on without any judgement in their life, they get bolder and more readily shake their fists at heaven. God is not moved, in fact, He laughs. He actually mocks the mockers. (see Psalm 2)

The Apostle Peter warns us that God’s timing is not like our timing, and the reason that God is holding back is because He is giving men the chance to repent. You see, God does not want us to “perish”, but the fact is that we will, unless we repent. To repent means to change the way we are going; to make a 180 degree turn and walk the other way. This is what God’s patience is for. If we take it for granted, we may find that our window of repentance is no longer open.

Peter tells us to “bear in mind that the Lord’s patience means salvation.” But it only means salvation to the ones who are willing to recognize their rebellion against God and repent.


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