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He prays two hours every morning, another hour at noon, and two hours every night. He feels he must; his mission field is the voodoo capital of the world.
He has stories of up to 5 boa constrictors visiting his home in one night in order to kill him.
He has planted hundreds of churches all over his country especially among unreached people groups .
He has seen churches destroyed by the opposition.
He survives off of very minimal finances.
What does a man like this say to those who want to be missionaries? Simply put:
1. They must be born again, spiritual men and women, people of prayer.
2. They must know the language of the people they will work among.
3. They must understand the culture of the people they will work among.
4. They must live among the people and share the gospel.
5. After they plant a church and raise up local leaders, they must move on.
I think it’s important to note what he didn’t include in the list as well as what he did.
Read this man of God’s extraordinary story HERE and let it inspire you to a greater life of sacrifice and faith for the kingdom of God.

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