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My church celebrated its 5 year anniversary yesterday. The whole day was centered around the theme: NEXT. We looked at the past in order to remember the great things God has done in us and through us, but we are not camping there. Pastor Troy Maxwell exhorted us to live with foresight and insight as we discern the great plans that God has in store for us individually and corporately. We were also blessed to have Michael Gungor lead worship for the day.

In honor of Pastor Troy and Penny and their obedience to move to Charlotte and start Freedom House, I want to give you 5 practical things being a part of FHC has taught me over years. There are more, but here are just 5 in honor of the church’s birthday.

1. My destiny could be found in helping you fulfill your destiny.
2. It’s Belong, Believe, Behave not the other way around.
3. Love people beyond their walls.
4. Throw the grenade on the table and not at each other.
5. Those who are planted in the house of the Lord will flourish in the courts of our God.

Thank you Pastors Troy and Penny for being willing to take a risk and step out 5 years ago. I hope to one day follow in your footsteps!

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