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I just received a newsletter from Rick Zachary where he recently traveled to Singapore in order to raise awareness and finances for his church planting work in places like Sri Lanka and Pakistan. I was reminded of the zeal of the church of Singapore for world missions. I had the privilege of visiting that country during my time in the military. It is truly a melting pot of cultures with a strong apostolic bent in many of the local churches. Could this be because people have consistently sown the vision of them being the “Antioch of Asia” in their hearts over the last couple of decades? Vision, when rightly directed, is a powerful force. Take a look at the vision of The Cornerstone Church of Singapore. This is a great model of vision for the churches of America.

VISION: To be an Apostolic Church: A Church that is always about the Great Commission; preaching the gospel to all nations, engaging in missions through training, giving of finances, sending out of missionaries (short term and long term), church planting, partnering and networking, and always having upon our hearts the desire to fulfill Jesus’ command to go and make disciples of all nations.


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