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All over the world from Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Egypt and the Philippines just to name a few; men, women, and children live and work in massive garbage dumps scavenging every day just to stay alive. They sustain themselves by selling the things that others throw away. The children who work along side their parents have no access to education, medical treatment, and nutritious food.

Consider this scenario: You wake up to the smell of smoke and the sound of a rooster crowing. To most people, the smell of the rotting garbage is unbearable, but you’ve learned to get used to it…almost. You make your way out of your shelter and head for work. It’s a mixture of cardboard, pieces of wood, and looks like a pile of garbage itself, but it keeps you from being completely exposed to the elements. You still have to contend with the flies though.
You’ve been nursing an open wound that’s desperately been needing some attention. It’s red, warm, and full of infection. You try to keep it clean, but it’s nearly impossible as your trudge through the mountain of garbage all around you. You tear open the bags of new trash with your bear hands looking for anything of value; glass, steel, aluminum, or things you may be able to resell in the market. You wish that you could find a better life, but it’s a catch 22. If you try to go to school to get ahead, your family loses the money you could make. If you stay right where you are, you just continue the cycle of poverty. No hope in sight for the answer, so you just keep working.
This is reality.
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