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I hope you all have been learning as much as I have about the world we live in during this series, “The Reality Of…”. I have been able to get just a glimpse of the things that truly grieve the heart of our Father God. One of the things that I think grieves Him the most is that there are people in the world who profess to know God, but don’t know Him as Jesus clearly reveals Him; Heavenly Father. One such group is Muslims. Muslims have 99 names of God and not one of them is Father.

That is another series altogether, but in this post I wanted to focus in on the reality of the life of someone who comes into this revelation out of Islam. For those of us in the West it’s hard to imagine a life without freedom of conscience. My old Chaplain once told me, “John, in America, you have the right to believe whatever you want, even if it’s wrong.” That truth is the foundation of Western society.

But in a large percentage of the world, if someone who was raised in a Muslim family decides to follow Jesus as Lord and Saviour, he faces intense persecution, being disowned from his family, jail, and even death.

Here is one scenario: Many of you may recall the story of Abdul Rahman in Afghanistan. This man converted to Christianity of his own free will and conscience in 1990. In Feb of 2006, he was charged in Afghanistan with “apostacy” and was sentenced to death after police found a Bible in his possession! He was told by Afghan officials that because Islam is a peace loving and tolerant religion they would allow him the chance to convert before they sentenced him to death!

Why weren’t more Christians outraged by this incident? Most don’t even know about it, but it’s a reality for free thinking people all over the world.

Every day, God is moving to bring cultural and religious Muslims to Himself. He is revealing Jesus to them through those who are risking their lives to make Him known. He is revealing Jesus in dreams and visions. Unfortunately many of those who choose to believe have only emnity and hatred waiting for them from their neighbors. There’s not even a good ole American, “Well, that’s good for you” (pat, pat). Muslims all over the world can’t get along with each other. They fight among themselves, both Sunni, Shia, Wahabi, Sufi etc. But the one thing that a majority can agree on, especially in countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, is that those who choose to follow Jesus as Lord and Saviour are worthy of death.

The martyrs of Islam take lives for their faith. The martyrs of Jesus lay down theirs.

This is reality…

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