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Welcome to my new series “The Reality of…” where I highlight the realities of the lives of other human beings in the 21st century. My hope is that this blog series will inform and educate, as well as promote increased prayer and action by the global Church.

I have decided do Part One on the reality of Sex Trafficking in the world today. Dateline NBC just ran this story last night. Here and Here. During the interview with Chris Hansen, US Ambassador Mark Lagon says human trafficking is now one of the the fastest growing form of international organized crime. Analysts in the U.S. government estimate there are between 500,000 and 1.1 million people who are trafficked across borders from country to country.

Here is just one scenario:

You dream of leaving an awful life of poverty in order to pursue your dream of singing, acting, or working in another country. Someone offers to help you make that dream a reality. You sign a “contract” for 8 years and then your off to a foreign land. Your passport is held by your “boss”. You’re taken to an apartment where you are locked up with other women and then you get the news. You are going to be forced into prostitution to “work off what you owe.” You are a virgin. There is no singing job or no real waitress job. It was all a set up. Bait and switch. You try to go to the local government officials for help, but they are patrons of your employer, so they tell you to “go back to work.” You work “servicing” foreign men for up to 16 hours a day. You miss your family, but will probably never see them again. Over time you become brainwashed and stop fighting. You end up with HPV or Aids with no one to help. It’s hard to hope anymore.

This is not just a horror story, it’s reality.

To Learn More:
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Polaris Project – Combating Human Trafficking – Based In The U.S. and Japan
HumanTrafficking.Org – Fighting Human Trafficking in The East Asia Pacific Region
Trafficking In Persons – Fighting Trafficking In Africa, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, and India
Amnesty International – Fighting Trafficking In Serbia, France, and Montenegro
The World Revolution – A comprehensive site for information and other links to those fighting human trafficking
Natalie Grant’s Home Foundation
Society Of Underprivileged People (Safe House In India)
Peace Rehabilitation Center (Safe House In Nepal)


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