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Here is one scenario:You live in a country that is 88% Muslim, 11% Hindu, and 1% other with some of the greatest poverty and spiritual darkness in the world. Your only supply of steady work is at the beaches of your hometown where you work by hand, and sometimes blowtorch, to scrap some of the largest ships in the world. These ships have been driven up on your once pristine beaches and sold to local men who own companies named things like, “Peace, Happiness, and Prosperity” (no kidding). These men in turn pay you about a $1.00 a day to work in and around toxic waste, asbestos, and fuel.

Your clothes are thread bare and you’ve learned to walk bare footed through the muck keeping a good look out for metal shards that could cut your feet wide open. One day, you picked up some flip flops, but they just got stuck in the mud anyway. No helmet, no respirator, no ear plugs, no harness, no sleeves, and no goggles. Your chances of being killed or injured are off the charts, and you don’t have access to medical treatment. But what can you do? If you don’t work here, your family will starve. This job is more steady than being a farmer and you don’t have the money to start your own business. You return home to your shack and lie down on your wood plank bed for some shut eye. It’s going to be a long day again tomorrow.

This isn’t a horror story….it’s reality.

For more info:
CBS’ 60 minutes story here.
Brendan Corr’s Essay here.
Breaking Ships by Roland Buerk
PS. I couldn’t find anything about Christians working in this part of the world. If you know of any, I would love to hear about them.


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