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North Korea is by far the most repressive spiritually dark country in the world. The general population is on the verge of starvation and their minds are daily filled with atheistic communist propaganda with no hope of living in a truly free society.

The government controls the minds of the people and restricts all influence from the outside world that doesn’t go along with what they want the people to believe. Christians are seen as a scourge of society and an impediment to the North Korean philosophy of “Juche” or self reliance.

It’s a shame to think that just to their south in a free Korea, some of the largest Christian congregations in the world meet to worship.

Yet despite the harsh conditions of North Korea, there is still a remnant of believers in Jesus Christ standing firm in their faith despite the threat of torture and death. Thousands upon thousands of these believers have been sent to prison camps, some the size of small cities, to suffer and die simply because they are Christians.

The maniacal leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Il, believes that Christians are one of the greatest threats to his power. He commands his people to worship him as the great leader.

Pictures of him are on the walls of every home and in every public place. Every year, huge choreographed dances and productions that look like pure worship are done for his honor and pleasure.

The people of North Korea are in bondage. Let’s pray for this kingdom of darkness to fall and for the Christians of the country to remain faithful even though the are suffering beyond description.

We in the West could not even imagine the horror of what is being done to those who name the name of Jesus. I can’t even begin to give you a scenario for the things that are happening beyond the borders of this country. Start by reading this testimony given before Senate Judiciary Committee by North Korean prison camp survivor, Soon Ok Lee. It’s just one story out of tens of thousands.

This is not a horror story….this is reality.

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