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I found myself thinking about food today; Natural and Spiritual food, and I got a word picture in my head that I wanted to share with you.

Many of you have seen the images on TV of desperate young children and adults scrambling around each other trying to get a cup or two of that stuff being poured out. I call it hot goo.

What is that stuff anyway??

I’ll tell you what it is, sustenance, nothing more nothing less. It may not present well, but to the people receiving it, it’s the difference between life and death.

Now, bring it back to America.

We’re hungry.

Can you imagine if someone walked up to us and offered us some of that goo? We’d gag. Even if we were “starving”, we’d have to pass. Many of us would decide right then and there to fast for the first time.

Why? It’s because we’ve grown to expect more.

We want our food to look good, to smell good, and most of all to taste good! And we have choices! We can go just about anywhere and get any type of food we want.

We have the choice to be picky.

But did you know that there are people in the world today who are spiritually starving?

They don’t have access to the choices and flavors we have. They don’t follow the latest recipes or greatest 5 star restaurants. They are not used to our “have it your way” mentality. It’s all completely foreign to them.

The places where they live have little to no choice. T

hey are simply waiting for people who have the means to help them and just give them something to stay alive. The need is too great, too overwhelming to try and plate a gourmet meal for each person.

The masses throng around the porridge pot just hoping for a spoonful of something to keep them alive.

So, the next time your salivating over that gourmet meal delicately prepared for you at your favorite 5 star church, just keep in mind that there are still people in the world who are still starving for the simplest Gospel meal.

They are glad to see even the lowliest porridge chef who is coming to bring them life.

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