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Missionaries from all nations are still needed.

There are over 6000 unreached/least reached people groups totaling 2.6 billion people. This means that that these people have little to no access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

According to Wycliffe Bible Translators, out of over 6900 languages spoken in the world, more than 2,200 language groups do not have a single verse of Scripture available. Beside these staggering statistics, the world is filled with unwanted children needing a home, elderly and handicapped people needing care, and people dying from hunger, various diseases, and addictions.

Slavery and child prostitution are still problems in the modern world. In many of the “reached” countries there are still these same problems and the church may still need to be awakened, mobilized, and reenergized.

Truly we need the whole Church to take the whole Gospel to the Whole World.

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