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23 Missionaries from South Korea are being held by the Taliban in Afghanistan and one of the hostages has recently been murdered. Many of you may not know this but the largest church in the world is not in America, but in Seoul South Korea. I have been to South Korea and for the limited time that I was there I can attest to their zeal for the purposes of God. Even the mainline denominational churches have a missionary zeal and fire. God is raising them up to go to some of the hardest and least reached places of the earth. Would you commit to praying for our brethren there? They need our support in this time of testing.

This incident reminds me of the stark differences between Christianity and Islam. Christians are called to lay down their lives even for their enemies while Islam calls for their faithful to take men’s lives even if those lives are trying to help them.

A writer from the International Tribune writes, “For South Koreans, this new crisis represents the cost the country is paying for the aid and evangelical operations that its Christian churches conduct in some of the world’s most dangerous places….With 12,000 to 17,000 evangelists working in more than 160 countries, South Korea has one of the most aggressive armies of Christian missionaries on earth. Only the United States sends out more – 46,000 by some estimates…A conservative association of Protestant churches in South Korea has called for dispatching 100,000 missionaries by 2030.” Read more here. JL

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