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The Washington Post just did an article on the trend of nations that have traditionally received Christian missionaries now sending missionaries to Europe and even the US. I love hearing about how God is using our Asian, Latin, and African brothers and sisters to revitalize and rebuild the church all over the world. Make no mistake about it, Almighty God is not limited to what western Christianity will or will not do in regards to preaching the Gospel all over the world. If we drop the torch, he will continue to get it into the hands of those who will run with it.

The news writer states, “For centuries, when Europe was the global center of Christianity, millions of European missionaries traveled to other continents to spread their faith by establishing schools and churches. Now, with European church attendance at all-time lows and a dearth of preachers in the pulpits, thousands of “reverse missionaries” are flocking back, migrating from poor countries to rich ones to preach the Gospel where it has fallen out of fashion. The phenomenon signals a fundamental shift in the power, style and geography of Christianity, the world’s largest religion. Most of its more than 2 billion adherents now live in the developing world. And as vast numbers of them migrate to Europe, as well as to the United States, they are filling pews and changing worship styles. Churches in countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, South Korea and the Philippines have sent thousands of missionaries to Europe to set up churches in homes, office buildings and storefronts.” Read the full article here.


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