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I have been following the conversation recently regarding the idea of being missional.

Let me say that I fully agree with the practice of going into our communities as the whole church (not just the paid ministers), seeking and saving the lost, being missionaries to our “host societies”, and reaching people in our day to day lives in America.

I understand this as a reaction/Biblical response to the “pew sitting”, “what’s in it for me”, “bless me club” lifestyle of most Western Christians.

Many of those who are running with the missional vision are younger church planters who sense a call to reach their generation in an incarnational way (being all things to all men so that they might win some).

For many churches, especially many mainline demoninational churches, this is fresh vision that has brought new life to many congregations.

To others, it was their mentality even though they never called it any other term but obedience.

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