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Below is an excerpt of an email from my good friend Ben Hoar who is working in Northeast Thailand. This is his first hand experience of engaging the unengaged and reaching the unreached. Let it stir your heart.

“Yesterday my family went out to pass out tracts to a nearby high school.There are over 1000 students there. We passed out tracts there in the evening as they left school to go home. I spoke with many of the students and some of the teachers. They said that no one had ever once come and told them about God. They said that no one had ever given them a tract or spoken to them about Jesus. I spoke to Alisha who lives with us and she said that no Christian ever visited her school either or told her anything about God. She said Chinese Buddhists who practice witchcraft and self mutilation came often, but no Christians. It is a crime! Here in the year 2007 near the end of the world and in a free country so many, around 90%, of the ones I speak to say that they have never heard. If it is this bad here in the second largest city of a free and developing country, imagine the small towns and villages of Thailand. Do they have a witness? What of those in Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia? The job is not done and the laborers are few. Pray for us that we would endure and glorify God. Pray for more laborers to go to the unreached. Remember that most of the people in the world are unevangelized. Be an instrument in God’s hand to bring salvationto the nations.”

Take a moment and write an encouraging letter to this missionary family of 5. Send them a tangible sign of your love as well by helping them financially. You can send your gift to:

Ben Hoar
International Servants Acting As Christ, Inc.
3651 Peachtree Parkway
Suite E139
Suwanee, GA 30024

Contact me directly and I can get you in contact with them.


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