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Just made it in from The Call in Nashville on Sunday morning. We headed out Friday at around 8pm and rested in Knoxville for the night. Saturday morning we woke up early and headed in to LP Stadium. While we were coming in, there were 10’s of thousands of people marching silently through 3 miles of the city and praying as they went. We entered the stadium to find thousands already praying and worshipping. By the time the event got under way, the stadium infield was fill as well as all of the seats up to the top section.

It was HOT! 30 minutes into the day, sweat was cascading down my back. I was drinking loads of water, but it wasn’t until the end of the day that I made my first bathroom break! Once we started praying I could tell that these people were here to go after God and the majority didn’t seem to care about the weather. Think about it. Thousands of God hungry people, traveling from across the country to skip food, stand in the heat, and pray for God to move in our nation! The place was electric at times. Praise roared out of the top of the stadium. People knelt down on the concrete in front of their seats and called out to God. One time, the worship leader told everyone to praise God with a wild David like praise and the whole place seemed to be moving up and down! It was crazy and fun! There were times when people were in groups of 3 or more, confessing, praying, and asking forgiveness.

One of the main things that impacted me was how almost none of the speakers were named before they prayed. None of the worship leaders were introduced even though many were well known. Lou Engle even remarked, “I don’t care if you like the music or not. This is a fast, not a festival.” There isn’t any other event that I can remember being apart of where 10’s of thousands of people met together to just make it about God and not man.

There were times when I thought, “This is like a one day fasting, prayer, and worship bootcamp.” Some people weren’t respecting their bodies by drinking enough water and they made unscheduled visits to the nearest hospital. Other people were well broken in from fasting for 40 days prior. This was the culmination to everything that had been sacrificing for and they were fully engaged with what was going on! I only fasted from the night before to later that evening and it was still difficult with the heat. I can only imagine what it was like for people on extended fasts.

I truly believe that some things were changed in my own life from this event. I know that things have shifted in regards to the things we prayed about. The prayer was earnest, in agreement, in faith, focused, and fervent. What more can you ask for? It was getting the job done on a mass scale and I know that God is going to do something in America through this event.

Senator Brownback, who has been a regular attender of Call events, was there for personal reasons. He publicly repented and ask for forgiveness for the Federal Governments treatment of Native Americans, African Americans, Latinos, and Women.

Some alarming statistics were given on the affect of pornography on the church in America, especially in regards to leadership. Pastors were called to the front to lead the way to repentance. Pastors were on their knees and their faces calling out to God by the thousands.

Three couples were married on this day in front of the whole stadium. As the crowd sang, they walked the aisle to meet their bridegroom. It was a beautiful scene and had to be very impacting for the couples involved.

All of the people that I brought from Freedom House were impacted by the day. We left for Charlotte exhausted but glad we made the trip. We left with a renewed sense of hope and a desire to believe God for greater things through fasting and prayer. We look forward to heading to the mall in DC in 2008 for the Call DC II. Why don’t you consider meeting us there and being one of the million people that we believe are going to be there on that day?

Over the next week, I will post some pictures and comment on some of the main scriptures that have to do with themes that were presented at the event. Themes like solemn assembly, massive fasting and prayer, etc. So, check back later!


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