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Wow! The week has flown by and no new posts! Forgive me. I have been spending my mental energies engaged in learning this new mortgage business that I’m in. The only thing I can do on my free time lately is manual labor. Thinking has been used up for the week, so I grab the weedeater and mower and get to work. My old job didn’t afford me much time for extra projects. The first week of my new job, I went overboard on the yard work.

I tried to cram a year’s worth of projects and lawn care maintenance neglect into one day. I picked the hottest day of the week and went to work in full sun. Not a smart move, but hey I was motivated and I went with it. My first project was clearing out the brush behind my privacy fence. It had grown way out of hand. The grass was as tall as I am and filled with vines, thorns, and thistles. At first I thought to myself, “Man how did it get this bad? Four years ago when they showed me the house before I bought it, I didn’t look like this!”

It was a jungle in there. The thought crossed my mind, “This would have been so much easier if I would have just kept up with it.” It made me ask the question, “Are there areas in my life right now that if I don’t deal with are going to be an overgrown problem for me later? How can I make sure that I am rooting out those thorns, thistles, vines, and weeds on a regular basis so that I don’t have to face a massive back breaking project later on down the road?

In the end. I go it all cleaned up, but I wouldn’t want to do it again. I think I will keep up with it better from now on. Hard work has a way of reinforcing a good lesson. A little maintenance versus a monster. I think I will keep on the lookout for things getting overgrown before they get out of hand again again.


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