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So here’s the cycle as I see it: I start feeling pressure because of an increase in things going on in my life. I start having more things to do with less time to do them. I get bummed out and begin to look for a way to “veg out”-a diversion. I miss out on spending time with God, I lose peace and feel even more anxious. I start “stinkin thinkin”. My mind is off God and on my problems. I start to lose heart and want to give up. Ultimately the enemy is getting the upper hand.

Here’s how it should go: I start feeling pressure because of an increase of things going on in life. I make time to pray by fasting other things that take up my little free time. I cast my cares on the Lord instead of trying to deal with them on my own. I begin to speak God’s Word over the situations that I’m facing. I pray in the Spirit, confess God’s word, and cry out until I hit that note of victory in my heart. My mind is on God and the solution, not my problems. Wisdom enters my heart and peace floods my soul. I am more determined than ever to serve God and accomplish His will. My vision gets even clearer and causes me to walk in a greater discipline. I get to the place where I’m not praying about myself and my problems all the time and I can start helping other people out again.

Whenever we feel weary and worn out, we need to realize that our Heavenly Father is there to give us supernatural help and strength. We need to run to him and not ignore him, especially in these seasons. If we don’t feel like talking and all we can get out is, “help me Jesus” that’s a good place to start. He promises to meet us where we are and help us. In fact, He has sent us the helper, the Holy Spirit, who helps us in our weaknesses. We also need to help ourselves and not make the problem worse by being spiritually lazy and giving ourselves over to mindless diversions.


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