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There is no doubt that we are a media saturated generation in America. Our forefathers in the faith didn’t have to deal with nearly the same amount of distraction and diversion available to us today. One well known evangelist that lived in the first part of the 2oth century wouldn’t even let anyone into his house with a newspaper! Imagine what he would have done with all of the diversions we have now!

Here are just a few: Sat TV, DVD’s, Ipods, Sat Radio, Video Gaming, Cell phones-Txt, Pics, and Flics!, the vast cyber world, and more. This list doesn’t even include the hobbies that we pour time, money, and energy into. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating throwing your TV’s out the window or something crazy like that. Like a crash dieter, we would just go out and buy another one a week later anyway and may even get worse than we were! We need to have everything in moderation. I am not saying that you should not have any hobbies either. All of these things have their place when they are put in the right perspective. I am just calling our attention to the fact that we are fish and this is the ocean that we are swimming in. This is our reality. What we do with it is up to us.


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