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I love the Psalms in the Bible and places in the Prophets where men like David and Jeremiah talk about “pouring their hearts out before God.” There something freeing that happens with this kind of prayer. It’s raw, transparent, and gut level honest. I believe God loves it. He sees the stuff anyway. We are only acknowledging what He knows about our lives already. It’s when we come to this place that things can start to change in our lives and our peace is restored.

But the question is “Will we come to this place”?

I know that when I feel worn out that I don’t even feel like bothering. I am too tired to even talk much less pray. Have you ever been in a place where you are so exhausted that you just want to turn on the TV and “veg out”? You just want to escape reality and surf the internet mindlessly. Maybe you crank up the radio and try to drown out the creeping negative thoughts that are trying to flood your thought life. Some of us begin to take our hobbies way too far to the neglect of our families and our spiritual life. Whatever it is that keeps you from God’s prescence, this is exactly what the enemy wants. It’s up to us to resist this way of coping and fight for peace.


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