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I have been plugging away this week at my new job, so I haven’t posted much, but I wanted to let you in on a highlight of the week.

Steve Hill, the evangelist from the Brownsville Revival, visited Concord, NC this week. I was able to hear him preach a message on Thursday called “The O-Word”-Obedience. It was a hard hitting and challenging message. Should be on this site soon. I also got to sit in on a class that he taught at FIRE School of Ministry because they invited the alumni. It was classic Steve Hill. I laughed, I wept, I got an increase of the fear of the Lord! He preached on “He who endures to the end…shall be saved.” It was a wake up call to ministry students and leaders alike. He said the reality is that some in this room will not make it to the end following Jesus faithfully…that was sobering! He talked about deciding to follow Jesus no matter what’s going on around you….friends falling away, having a Judas in your life, being disliked or even hated because of preaching the cross of Christ and His blood, things not going your way in life etc.. He shared personal stories of things he and his wife have been through as an example of how tough things can get even when you are going after Jesus with all of your heart. He gave a pointed example of a 70 year old woman in his church who’s husband just left her for another woman! What good is it to follow Jesus all of your life, have a great family and ministry, only to blow it in the end?

He talked about “taking the test of time.” We all take it, we can’t cheat and look off of someone else’s paper (do what God has called you to do- don’t compare yourself), we are in the class alone (you won’t get to heaven because you know the right people), and there are no make ups (your life is but a moment). Powerful stuff! He also talked about how we are responsible for what God has told us to do. Peter asked Jesus, “Lord, what about this man” referring to John, but Jesus said in essence, don’t worry about follow me!

In the end, it was the kind of exhortation that we as followers of Jesus all need to hear often, especially in the day we live in. I thank God for Steve Hill. I wouldn’t be the kind of Christian I am today without his influence in my life. He is truly a father in the faith, even if it’s from afar. If you have not ever heard him speak, you should! Start Here and go to the bottom of the page. If you are a minister, listen to the “Man of God Sindrome” first!

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