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Well, the post before last on risks was not random. I have decided to take a new risk and get a new job. It’s a big deal for me because I have grown comfortable right where I am, thank you! Isn’t that how it is alot of time? We start off uncomfortable, the newbie, the green pea. Then we start experiencing some breakthroughs and getting some notches on our belts. Next thing you know we are the experts, the know it all, the go-to guy! Feels good. But the thing about comfort is that it can be dangerous if you are supposed to keep moving.

I, like alot of people, don’t like change, especially change for the sake of change. But when you since the prodding to step out, sometimes it necessary to just go for it. If done right, the right change can reinvigorate your life and take you to a new level of faith. This is what I am believing for.


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