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Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort recently debated two atheists from the Rational Response Squad about the existence of God.

Martin Bashir writes, “The question for our debate was “Does God Exist?” and both sides went at the issue with a series of passionate declarations and critical attacks on the arguments of their opponents. It was a clean but unflinching contest.”

Folks, I applaud Ray and Kirk for being willing to face ridicule in order to have this venue posted in the media for all the world to see.

For the Christian naysayers out there, I want to ask you, ‘When was the last time you gave a compelling answer for why you believe what you believe? Were you ever mocked or ridiculed because of your stand for Jesus?

If not, then you really have no place to criticize these evangelists.

The people they are debating are actually advertising in teen magazines inviting kids to blaspheme the Holy Spirit.

At least they care enough about men’s souls to speak up.  When the time comes, will we do the same?

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