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The team sacrificed going to the market for gifts yesterday and spend all day preparing for today. Even though the stress level was high, everyone pulled down strength from heaven and just went for it, non stop, all day long. I am so proud of each one of them. They have all pulled together and have given out of the gift that God has given them. We finished the two murals in the ministry center, inventoried all of the shoes again (thanks Charyl and Amy!), printed and cut thousands of tickets, and set up the field (the Guatemalans were there all night long!).

I preached at a local church in Zone 18 called Lluvias de Gracia (Showers of Grace). They are one of many churches in a network that spreads even into the US. The Pastor, Freddie Molina, opened the service to me even though we had never met. This church is doing great work in this part of town. They are even seeing gang members and prostitutes saved and delivered.

My message was out of Judges 6, “The Lord is With You, Mighty Warrior.” God moved and the altars were filled with people after I finished the message. When I went down to pray, God moved on people in powerful ways. Many people were weeping and were hit with the power of God the moment I laid my hands on them. God spoke encouragement and strength to these precious people and they said it was a “fresh word from heaven” for them. I give God all the glory for all of these things.

We finished the service by praising God for what he had done. People were singing, jumping, and shouting their lungs out! It was wild. The Pastor began to dance on the stage and I went up and joined him. The whole place turned into one big ole Jesus party. I probably lost 5 lbs just by dancing and sweating! These guys have some endurance! I had not done that in a long time…must be because I’ve grown too dignified in church…Lord, help me!

Pastor Freddie told me that now we always have a home to come back to when we visit again.

Although all of the team had to stay back to get ready for today. I did take Erin and Michelle Black with me. Each of them shared some prophetic words of encouragement to the people in Spanish. We were able to get some more prayer for the event today and probably some more fresh volunteers.

Eduardo, Jose’s staff helper and the man I call “the servant of all” has been wired up like a mad man getting everything in place overnight. He used to work 72 hours straight in the past without sleep, so he was good to go. I, along with the rest of the team needed a little sleep so we all hit the sack by about 1am or so. Even though 5:30 came quick, I feel refreshed and ready to go! This day is going to be big. This is the day we have all worked so hard for. Remember us in prayer today.


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