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Hope you all enjoyed the last post. Some of you have been on Wikipedia trying to find out what “cannabis” is and I consider that a good thing! Anyway, we have all been doing well and the team has really shown themselves to be true road warriors. A few of them have lost their lunch a couple of times, but they always seem to pull it together, get re-hydrated, and get back on with it.

I spent this morning and yesterday morning on a large Christian TV station, Canel de Esperanza Ch27, talking about mercy ministry and the reasons we have come to be a part of the Hope Festival. Jose and I went for a 10 minute interview Monday and we were invited back for a 45 minute interview today. Jose actually didn’t make it to this interview because he was on the second largest morning radio station in Guatemala promoting Hope for Guatemala the festival! Pastor Troy, Fernando, Vicky, and myself all had the opportunity to share to a potential TV audience of about 6 million people. It’s was great…the people welcomed us like family and said that we were always welcome when we were in town.

The children’s ministry team has been breaking down the word to the kids and having a blast! Our soccer team did their “dry run” practice yesterday and have kicked off the first day of the camp with what will probably amount to about 80 kids! Hopefully the gringos from the team are wearing the sunblock 50+ today because yesterday they looked like lobsters!

The home visitation ministry yesterday was eye opening for our team to say the least. In fact, I know for a fact that people had their world rocked! They are all messed up for God and will never be the same and, for a mission’s Pastor, that is music to my ears.

One team member, Georgia Derr, shared the story of the lady she was able to visit and bring food. She is a widow with four kids who lives in a small shack with dirt floors and an outhouse. Georgia was deeply moved by the fact that all this women wanted was a Bible and some wood to keep the rain from coming into her home. She didn’t ask for clothes, appliances, or anything that we may have asked for. Just the Bible and some wood.

We capped of our night with a meeting at Pastor Sergio’s church in Zone 7. Mallory and Drew shared at the beginning of the service and did a great job. Pastor Troy shared that “praise brings God’s presence” and after the message the Lord confirmed his word with signs following. People were weeping, crying out, and falling under the power of God. It was glorious!

However it just wouldn’t be a real day on the mission field without our bus getting a flat tire! Again, the men had the privilege of this experience. We finally got to bed at about 1am after George climbed to the second story of the ministry center to wake Eduardo up to let us in. As my friend, Dr. Peter’s used to say, “That’s missionary life.”


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