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Since the guys have been staying at the ministry center in Zone 18, we have taken notice of a few distinct sounds and smells that we would like to share with you. Join us for this sensory journey:
1. The waftering odor of cannabis wafting in the warm night air into our bedroom windows.

2. The sound of dogs barking incessantly through the night.

3. The smell of fresh tortillas as the ladies in the shop down the street worked the late shift. This one was good!

4. The sound of fireworks and/or gunfire at 4am that made me jump out of his bed like I was having a “Nam” flash back! Eduardo, who was sleeping above me in the bunk bed says, “Pastor John, I am going to have to pray for you. Were you ever in Desert Storm?…seriously.

5. The smell of the brothers feet who opted to wait until the morning for a shower.

6. The sound of the central American alarm clock at 5:30 am, the majestic rooster! Where’s my machete?

Don’t worry, the girls told us that they slept like babies in the comfort of Jose’s gated community apartment. Lucky!

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