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This is a diary entry from a mission trip to Guatemala in 07.  It was the first major trip I led out of my local church.  Lots of great things happened.  Here is one story.
Folks, by the grace of God we have accomplished more in one week than I ever thought possible. The Festival was a huge sucess last night, but before I go into that I wanted to highlight the shoe ministry. Alot of work went into this ministry and I know that there are alot of you out there that would like to know what happened.


When we arrived at the field, at first it was a logistical nightmare. We were unfamiliar about staging the shoes, crowd control, and ministering effectively and speedily, but by the grace of God we pulled everything together quickly. For the next 7 hours or so we washed over 400 people’s feet, gave them new shoes, shared the Gospel, and prayed over people’s families. You should have seen the lines! Children, the elderly, and the handicapped were ministered to by our team and a team of Guatemalans. So many people were weeping and receiving the Lord that I couldn’t keep up with it. Our team was sitting on on backsides in the dirt or kneeling in front of each person. The Guatemalan translator that I worked with was weeping the whole time as the Holy Spirit ministered to broken people.

The day was long and hot. We were exhausted, but happy. We told each person we ministered to that we were following the example of Jesus when he washed his disciples feet to show us the attitude we should have to each other. He was the servant of all. I told the people that I ministered to that the greatest things we can do in this life is loving God and loving people. “When you remember this day, don’t remember that some Americans came and gave you a new pair of shoes. Remember to love God and love your neighbor.”

Each person received the Gospel and the opportunity to pray and receive Jesus. Each member of the team has stories of people who did just that.

Towards the end of the day, I could tell it was time to stop the ministry. The crowds were getting exhausted and frustrated. We were running out of certain sizes. We shut the thing down, packed the rest of the shoes, and broke down the tents like a bunch of ants on a piece of bread. We moved the focus to the stage where the crowd was gathering.


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